Zoom Launches Pronoun-Sharing Features, Plus Updates to Chat and Phone


Zoom is overhauling its services with several new features, including pronouns-sharing tools for video calls, better Chat management, and anti-robocall compliance for Zoom’s Phone service. These improvements are all available now.

Up until now, those who wanted to share their pronouns in Zoom had to manually insert tags like They/Them or He/Him after their display name. But a new Pronouns feature in Zoom update 5.7.0 gives users a dedicated profile field for their pronouns, plus the option to share pronouns in meetings.

The new Pronouns feature solves several problems. For one, it gets around organizational policies that may prohibit employees, students, or social workers from editing their display name. It also allows Zoom users to share their pronouns when and where they want—thereby increasing personal privacy and, for many transgender users, personal safety.

In order to make remote communication easier, Zoom is adding new organization tools to Chat. You can now bookmark messages and share files or contacts with other users. Zoom has also added new icons to help users quickly differentiate DMs, threads, group chats, and channels (a change that’s long overdue).

And while it may not matter much to individuals, Zoom Phone now features Caller ID attestation using the STIR/SHAKEN framework. This industry-standard framework deters scammers or robocallers from spoofing Zoom-provided U.S. numbers, which are often used by businesses.

These changes to Zoom are live now. You may need to update to Zoom 5.7.0 to gain the pronoun-sharing features and Chat improvements, though.

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