Wyze pulls the switch on linkable night lights

A little over a month after Wyze unveiled its first floor lamp, the budget smart home manufacturer is back with a new lighting product: a trio of night lights that wirelessly connect to each other.

Available for pre-order now, the Wyze Night Light comes in a $20 three-pack, and you can link up to 10 of the lights together.

The battery-powered lights cast a warm, back-lit 2,500 Kelvin glow on whatever surface they’re mounted on, and they come with magnetic mounting plates and “easy-pull” adhesive tape.

Each light is equipped with both motion and light sensors that turn on the LEDs when nearby motion is detected, but only when it’s dark.

When one of the night lights comes on, the others will too, provided they’re in range. The lights use a 2.4GHz RF connection that reaches about 30 yards.

The linkability of the bulbs is about as smart as the Wyze Night Lights get. Unlike Wyze’s lights, including the , the , and the recent Wyze Floor Lamp, the Night Lights can’t be controlled with the Wyze app, and there’s no Alexa or Google Assistant support, either. The Wyze Floor Lamp caught a little flak from us because it could only be controlled remotely via Bluetooth, but the new Night Light is even more limited.

In any event, each Night Light is powered by a 300mAh lithium-ion battery, which you can recharge via a USB-C port. The lights should work for about 128 days on a single charge when used individually, assuming they’re triggered about 20 times a day. If the lights are linked, their battery life will fall to about 85 days.

Wyze hasn’t said whether the Night Lights are suitable for outdoor use (although we doubt it); we’ve reached out for confirmation.

We’ll have a full review of the Wyze Night Lights once we check out some sample units.

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