Wyze Opens Pre-Orders for Night Lights to Brighten All Your Dark Hallways


Picture this: It’s late, all the lights are off, and you want a drink. On the way to the kitchen, you stub your toe (again) on a random object in the hallway. Wyze’s new battery-powered Night Lights stick anywhere you want. And at $20 for three, they’re practically a steal. Pre-orders open today.

As is always the case with Wyze, you get a lot for not a lot of money. Whether it’s Wi-Fi cameras, a smart scale, ANC true wireless earbuds, or outdoor plugs, Wyze has a knack for managing to pack quality hardware at low prices. The Wyze Night Lights seem to continue that trend.

For $20, you get a three-pack of Night Lights. And true to Wyze’s recent promise, that even includes shipping—no extra hidden fees here. The Night Lights are easy to mount, thanks to included easy pull-tape and a magnetic mount plate.

A night light stuck to the side of a bed.

They only activate from dusk till dawn, so you aren’t lighting places in your home in the middle of the day. And they have a PIR sensor to detect motion, meaning you won’t have random lights shining in your home late at night. Although if you have pets, they might set the Night Lights off.

The Wyze Nights are battery-powered, and you won’t have to worry about annoying watch batteries or AAAs; these use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. And when it’s time to top up, you use the included USB-C cord. Yes, you read that right, USB-C—no fiddling with an awkward micro-USB cable. Wyze says the Night Lights will last up to three months on a single charge.

And if you buy multiple packs, you’ll benefit. You can link up to ten Night LIghts together, so if one turns on, they all turn on. That’s pretty handy if you want to light up a stairwell or a long hallway. And you can stick the night Lights nearly anywhere … even on the side of a bed.

The devices emit a 2500k warm/soft white color temperature to help prevent blinding your night vision. And the design will cause them to shine the light against your wall and at angles to keep them from shining right into your eyes.

You can pre-order the Wyze Night LIghts right now at the company’s site.

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