Web3’s Brightest Minds Converge to Solve the ‘Rarity’ Problem

Despite playing a crucial part in the NFT ecosystem, rarity has proved a contentious subject. Essentially seeing the current standard rely on closed sourced environments and irregular mathematical calculations.

So, to put this cumbersome beast to bed, some of the brightest minds have banded together to solve the problem forever, resulting in the likes of OpenSea, Curio, Icy.Tools and the PROOF collective join forces to create OpenRarity. A singular open-sourced transparent platform with grounded mathematical equations at its beating heart.

“OpenRarity provides a verifiable, consistent & mathematically-grounded approach to rarity calculations” – OpenRarity

Thanks to its state-of-the-art methodology, the NFT world now has a reliable platform to gauge asset rarity. However, due to the non-linear nature of the industry, its tools remain on an opt-in basis only. After which, developers can access the scores and ranks through the native API in order to fully gauge the market.

To ensure its reliability, representatives from the 100 most influential NFT collections in the sphere helped audit the new tool. As a result, making it one of the most inclusive community projects to date.

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