Watch Together with Friends and Family on Plex

Plex Watch Together with Friends and Family is a fun new feature

Plex has today announced a new experimental feature call “Watch Together”. It allows you to find a film or a TV show and invite your friends/family on Plex to watch together in sync.

Plex’s Watch Together feature is available on Apple platforms (iOS and tvOS) , Android platforms (mobile and TV), FireTV, NVIDIA SHIELD and Roku as per company blog post. The support for Web and other platforms will follow soon.

Watch Together

Watch Together is supported on Apple platforms (iOS and tvOS), Android platforms (mobile and TV), FireTV, NVIDIA SHIELD and Roku – make sure to update to the latest release. Support for web and other platforms to follow soon. It also works with both of free on-demand movies and TV shows and content from your personal media library.

Plex users along with whole extended family can re-watch old videos of your kids playing sports ball even though your parents are thousands of miles away. Or binge on one of the free streaming TV shows (Mary Berry anyone?) with your friends across town. It’s never been easier. Currently, choose your favorite non-Plex app to chat—video, audio, or text—to hang out while you watch.

This is an experimental feature from Plex Labs and expects to have some bugs/rough edges. Watch Together is available for feedback and without any Plex Pass requirement for now.

Plex has hinted on other features like the support of chat (video/voice/chat), some moderation like the ability to kick or ban based on feature requests on Plex’s Watch Together.

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