Volvo’s New Concept Recharge EV Doesn’t Mimic Combustion Engine Cars


Volvo recently committed to an all-EV future, but to date, all of its electric cars have been redesigns of existing combustion engine models. Now, Volvo’s new Concept Recharge EV shows that its future products will stand out from the rest of its lineup by abandoning the “unnecessary elements” of traditional cars, such as the front grille.

The Concept Recharge EV is, of course, just a concept car. But it gives people (mainly investors) an idea of where future Volvo EVs are headed—specifically from a design standpoint. Volvo’s press release includes no information on mileage or acceleration, focusing entirely on style.

So what’s special about the Concept Recharge EV’s design? Externally, it’s very different from traditional SUVs. The lack of an internal combustion engine allows Volvo to ditch the front grille and lower the vehicle’s hood. An extended wheelbase accommodates a large battery in the car’s floor, and because the floor is flat, Volvo can contour the car’s roof for aerodynamics without compromising the high eye point enjoyed in other Volvo SUVs.

The Volvo Concept Recharge interior.

The car’s interior also sees several improvements. Not only are the floors flat, but Volvo placed a large 15-inch infotainment touchscreen at the car’s dashboard, plus a large storage area between the front seats. (Volvo compares this interior to a “Swedish living room,” though I’m genuinely not sure what that’s supposed to mean.)

One interesting thing about the Concept Recharge EV is its integrated LiDAR sensor. Mounted on the car’s roof, this sensor collects environmental data and will eventually find use in Volvo’s safe autonomous driving technology. Of course, this tech doesn’t exist yet, and there’s no guarantee that it will find its way to Volvo cars anytime soon.

Source: Volvo via Engadget

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