Vespa-Maker Piaggo Unveils a New Configurable Electric Scooter


Vespa-maker Piaggio just announced its second electric scooter, the Piaggio ONE, ahead of its full unveiling at the Beijing Motor Show in June. Unlike the Vespa Elettrica, the Piaggio ONE has a removable battery and will come in several configurations for different ranges and top speeds.

Piaggio is targeting what it calls the “TikTok Generation” with its new electric scooter, and even announced the product in a TikTok video. It’s an odd choice, given the Piaggio ONE’s mature design and wealth of features. There’s a digital instrument panel with automatic brightness, a removable battery that you can charge anywhere, keyless start, full LED lights, and a roomy under-seat storage area.

The Piaggio ONE scooter.

Several of these features, including a removable battery and keyless start, are missing from the $7,500 Vespa Elettrica, Piaggio’s first electric scooter. It’s hard to imagine how the Piaggio ONE will appeal to young people unless the base model is very cheap. Piaggio says that you can choose between several top speeds (from “moped to motorcycle”) and pick between different battery capacities, which will impact the scooter’s range.

Piaggio will provide an in-depth look at its new electric scooter during the Beijing Motor Show (June 9th to 11th). Hopefully the company details pricing and availability at the event.

Source: Piaggio via Electrek

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