Upland Debuts Susan G. Komen Wearables to Fight Breast Cancer

The Web3 Metaverse super app, Upland, continues its partnership with the world’s leading breast cancer organization, Susan G. Komen, to raise all-important awareness and funds for breast cancer support through intriguing virtual wearables.

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Upland launched limited-edition Susan G. Komen wearables for Upland avatars yesterday, October 25. Only 150 of these digital assets are available on the Upland Store for $12.50 (12,500 $UPX) apiece, with a portion of the proceeds dedicated to Komen’s efforts.

Available for both web and mobile users, these wearables feature full-body jumpsuits in both pink and pink tie-dye, symbolizing unity and empowerment. Gamers can now explore Upland’s virtual cafes to connect and socialize while their 3D avatars model these radiant virtual outfits that back cancer awareness initiatives wholeheartedly.

Individuals facing health challenges can find solace and support in Upland’s visually expressive and innovative Metaverse. As can family members and friends affected by their loved ones being diagnosed with this widespread illness.

Komen’s Trusted Support for Conquering Breast Cancer

Susan G. Komen is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives by eradicating breast cancer, which sadly affects 1 in 8 women throughout their lifetime.

Dedicated to an across-the-board approach, this charitable enterprise employs a wide-ranging strategy to battle against this disease on every front, stretching its support to millions of individuals across the globe. It encompasses groundbreaking research advancements, patient advocacy, improved availability of top-quality healthcare, direct patient aid and guidance, and credible resources for those in need. 

Proceeds made from Komen’s collaboration with Upland will further fuel the nonprofit’s ongoing efforts in supporting breast cancer patients and survivors. The Upland x Komen wearables act as a beacon of hope for individuals and their families affected by this prevalent disease. 

Purchase Upland’s Susan G. Komen Wearables >>> Here



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