New USB-C Standard to Increase Charging Power from 100W to 240W


Thanks to being compatible with a wide range of devices, USB-C is a popular cable that could eventually replace most charging and data transfer cables. It’s the emerging standard, and now we hear the new USB-C 2.1 spec could more than double its charging speed from 100W to 240W.

These days almost everything from newer laptops, phones, tablets, headphones, and more all use USB-C vs. the larger USB connector or slower options such as micro-USB. However, bigger items like a laptop still need power bricks or barrel jacks to charge devices safely. Soon, that’ll all be a thing of the past.

According to reports at CNET, the version 2.1 update to the USB-C standard could more than double power to 240W from one cable. The change would allow you to easily charge or power the biggest computer monitors or powerful gaming laptops.

A group known as the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) is essentially upgrading the “USB-PD” spec we’re familiar with on fast-chargers or power packs. Later this year, you can expect an all-new USB-C EPR, which stands for “Extended Power Range,” delivering 240W of power.

Keep in mind that while current USB-C cables max out at around 20V, newer EPR cables will support up to 48V. This means you’ll likely need new cables and devices to take advantage of these speeds.

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