OnePlus WallPaper Turns Your Android App Usage Into a Beautiful Dynamic Wallpaper


OnePlus is pushing its wellness initiative in a new direction with WellPaper, a new dynamic wallpaper that constantly changes based on your app usage. By splitting app categories like entertainment or productivity into six distinct colors, WellPaper can help you visualize and change your habits every time you unlock your phone.

WellPaper is pretty abstract and, unlike Android’s built-in app tracking tools, doesn’t provide deep usage details or timers to control your behavior. But it should help you see if you’re spending too much time on social media, for example, without the need to open a separate tracking app. WellPaper is also less patronizing than other digital wellness apps, leaving you to change your habits without being yelled at by your phone.

OnePlus WellPaper settings page.

As noted by The Verge, WellPaper is similar to Google’s experimental digital wellbeing apps from 2019, which (mostly) relied on Android’s live wallpaper and widget features. But while Google’s wellbeing apps actively shame users for playing on their phone (which is what some people need), WellPaper is a lot more hands off, to the point that people may use it as a pretty wallpaper instead of a digital wellbeing tool.

You can download OnePlus WellPaper now on any phone running Android 7 or newer. The app is free and comes with three styles of wallpaper. OnePlus says that WellPaper is battery-efficient, as it only refreshes when you unlock your phone, though it will make a small impact on battery life if you’re switching from a static wallpaper.

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Source: OnePlus via The Verge

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