Top 5 Missing Features in Signal for A WhatsApp User

Signal is now bit of new most recognised in the Chat block. It has gained popularity as one of the Most Secure Messaging App. Even Elon Musk has twitted about it, well it lead to some confusion about an company with similar name and rocketed its share prices!. Now if you are not happy about the WhatsApp new privacy features and would like to switch to WhatsApp, there are quite a few features you might miss in Signal. Let us check out the the Top 5 Missing Features in Signal for A WhatsApp User.

Top 5 Missing Features in Signal for A WhatsApp User

Missing Features in Signal for a WhatsApp User

User ID

Right now, you can’t include individuals Signal except if you have their telephone number. Given that Signal is promoted as a security inviting stage, giving out something as close to home as a telephone number to begin a talk appears to be illogical. Nonetheless, in a new Reddit AMA, Signal indicated its tentative arrangements to present client ID framework. It’ll be interesting to see when Signal reveals this element.

User’s Online Status

Indeed, you can’t check whether an individual is online on Signal. You likewise won’t know when somebody was available on the stage. This is a slick protection component, however we are acquainted with online status may struggle becoming accustomed to this feature. More or less, don’t move to Signal if you are planning to see someone online status.

Status Feature

After Snapchat stories and Instagram stories end up being a moment hit, Facebook-possessed WhatsApp presented notices in 2017. Quick forward to the present time in 2021, notices are quite possibly the most utilized highlights on WhatsApp. In your contacts list you could be seeing lots of individuals posting new WhatsApp announcements consistently. While It may not be a deal breaker but you would miss it feature for sure once you move to Signal.

Top 5 Missing Features in Signal for A WhatsApp User
Signal App

Web Version

Signal has a full-fledged Signal Desktop apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, it is worth pointing out that Signal lacks a web version. Hence, you can’t use Signal from the comfort of your web browser. If you want to use Signal on your computer, you will have to install Signal Desktop and no other choice. Interestingly, most of the Apps have a web version of their product, it is amusing to see Signal has not yet have a Web Version.

Live Location Sharing

Currently, you can share your location on Signal’s personal chats and groups. However, the ability to share the live location is missing from the Signal. This makes it very inconvenient, to use Signal if you are on the move and want to keep your loved ones updated with your location in the meantime. This features is available in other messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp.

Other Features

There are other few noticeable features in Signal such as

  • Chat Wallpapers
  • Animated Stickers
  • Starred Messages

This features makes it to the product list of Signal, because, once the dust settles, this features could be the primary factors for driving the users back to the WhatsApp.

Hope you are now aware of this Missing Features in Signal and will make a wise decision in choosing your chat app.

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