Throw Out Your Webcam, the Zoom Phone is Here to Take Your Video Calls


The past year made it crystal clear how important webcams are for all kinds of communication, especially work. Now, communications giant Zoom has gone a step beyond video calls with the launch of its new Zoom Phone Appliances—an all-in-one office desk phone.

With three models at launch, Zoom is making an impressive step forward into hardware. Such a progression into hardware makes sense, too, given its success hosting video calls. The models represent collaborations with Yealink and Poly, blending their touchscreen hardware with Zoom‘s video call software. Poly created two phones—one with a camera and one without—while Yealink brings a single phone with a camera to the table.

Kevin Atkin, Director of IT, Real-time Collaboration, at Gilead Sciences says, “The Zoom Phone Appliance allows me to enjoy a seamless Zoom Phone and video experience via a high-quality desk phone like the Poly CCX 700. And it works right out of the box. I just set it up, signed in, and I was able to connect immediately.”

Six people talking and listening on a professional video call

Zoom promises that the phones are easy to use, especially if you’re already familiar with its video call interface. Set is also a cinch, with the most time-consuming part being signing in. Otherwise, the Zoom Phone works just the same as a standard office phone, making it easy to start and even schedule meetings, phone calls, and other collaborations on the device.

The phones make it easy to log in and log out, which is great for devices being used in shared areas. Visual shared lines also allow users to retrieve calls placed on hold by an assistant. Of course, users will still be able to access more traditional functions like caller ID, voicemail, call blocking, call history, three-way calling, corporate directories, calendar integration and more.

Users can also enjoy a host of collaborative functionality, like high-quality video and audio, so everyone looks and sounds sharp on every call. The Zoom Phones also bring a handy whiteboard feature and give you the ability to share content from screen to screen. Otherwise, you can take advantage of the in-meeting chat option along with the call recording feature (where legal), and you can customize views to your liking.

You can purchase the devices for your office through Poly and Yealink directly, or through Zoom’s Hardware-as-a-Service program for a monthly cost.

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