This Stupid McNugget Looks Like a Character from ‘Among Us’ … and It Sold for $100k


We’re only halfway through 2021, yet a disturbing trend is emerging among the nerds and gamers in our society. They’re willing to do anything for collectibles—even pull a gun in a Target parking lot for Pokémon cards. But something even more bone-chilling happened on June 4th … a McNugget shaped like an Among Us character sold for $99,997 on eBay ($100,001 with shipping).

Finding Among Us lookalikes in the real-world is a relatively common occurrence. After all, many things in this world are shaped like a circle with two legs. But the sus Chicken McNugget, found by Polizna in a BTS meal at McDonalds, is an incredible rarity. Would I have sealed it in an IKEA bag to sell on eBay? No, I would have ate it, but that’s why I don’t have $100k right now, I guess. (I’m not mad or anything.)

The Among Us McNugget listing.

Originally listed for 99 cents, the stupid McNugget ended up with a starting bid of $14,969.69. Whoever made that first bid (bless their heart) kicked off a weeklong bidding war before an unknown scalper swooped in at the last minute to net the McNugget for its final price of $99,997.

Why the scalper paid so much for the McNugget, we may never know. Maybe they’re just a big fan of Among Us, the K-Pop group BTS, and Rick and Morty—did I forget to mention that the special McNugget comes with Szechuan sauce?

Polizna, seller of the frustrating McNugget, says that it will ship in an air-sealed bag to preserve freshness. The buyer can eat the McNugget if they wish, as it will arrive at their mansion or castle within its 14-day expiration period (I don’t know where Polizna got that number, please don’t eat two-week-old McNuggets).

Source: polizna via The Verge

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