This Scotsman Electric Scooter Is 3D-Printed for Your Body


Arevo, the company behind the bespoke 3D-printed Superstrata bike, is now setting its sights on electric scooters. The Scotsman electric scooter is available on IndieGoGo now, and if you don’t mind giving away your arm and leg length, weight, and height, Arevo can 3D-print the unibody Scotsman to your body.

Like the Superstrata bike, the Scotsman is 3D-printed from a single piece of carbon fiber thermoplastic composite, free of glue and other common assembly materials. Each Scotsman is made-to-order based on your specifications, and comes in 500, 1,000, and 2,000-watt models depending on your riding style.


While it may seem like a strange idea, the 3D-printed carbon fiber Scotsman is incredibly lightweight (about 40 pounds on average), and is surprisingly powerful thanks to its dual-motor design. The 500, 1,000, and 2,000-watt models all have a 70-mile range, and they can travel at 19 MPH, 31 MPH, and 45 MPH respectively.

Because each Scotsman has two battery bays, you can always buy an extra battery and double your range to 140 miles. The batteries are removable and can charge your phone or laptop via USB-C cable.

If that’s not enough, the Scotsman has a ton of bells and whistles. The 10-inch air filled tires have a proprietary suspension for rider comfort, dual regenerative disc brakes ensure that you can safely stop at high speeds, LED head and tail lights help you navigate traffic, and a front-facing camera lets you record your rides. The scooter also features a digital instrument panel with GPS, cellular, and Bluetooth functionality.

The Scotsman's electric batteries.

But you can’t get a custom-made, high-end scooter for a low price. As Arevo CEO Sonny Vu notes in an interview with INPUT, the Scotsman isn’t competing with cheap scooters from brands like Xiamoi, it’s going up against the big dogs, like the Boosted Rev and Inokim OXO. Therefore, it has a starting price of $3,000 (or $1,600 if you get the early-bird pre-order price on IndieGoGo).

Before you order a Scotsman, I want to talk about Arevo’s Superstrata bike. The 3D-printed, bespoke bike had its debut on IndieGoGo 11 months ago, and many orders are still unfulfilled due to supply constraints in the biking industry. These same supply constraints shouldn’t apply to electric scooters, which have very few parts, but I wouldn’t put too much stock into Arevo’s December 2021 shipping goal.

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