This Orb Turns Your Apple Watch into an Awesome Nightstand Clock


We’re all for tech that makes other tech work better, so we were delighted to see the new NightWatch Apple Watch dock. The adorable orb charges your watch, magnifies it’s screen to make it look more like a bedside alarm clock, and has an acoustic amplifier.

The simple design of the NightWatch globe makes it the perfect complement to the Apple Watch’s nightstand mode. The magnified screen makes it easier to view the time and alarm information, and it uses “integrated sound channels” to amplify your alarms when they go off. The end result is a small orb that just looks like a stylish bedside alarm clock.

The orb is made of a single block of polished lucite, and it’s advertised with a tap to display feature that will light up the watch’s display when nudged or tapped. However, you’ll need to bring your own charging puck, but the globe does offer room for that to slot in, no problem. 

With so much helpful functionality, the dock is a great choice for anyone using their Apple Watch as their alarm clock; however, the only downside of it is that it won’t allow you to take advantage of the watch’s sleep tracking features, since it’d be sitting in the dock all night instead of on your wrist. But if that’s not a big deal to you, feel free to snag one of these uber-cool orb docks for your Apple Watch now from NightWatch for just $49.99.

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