These Mix-and-Match Kellogg’s Cereal Vending Machines Are Carb Heaven


Odds are, you’ve seen those Coca-Cola Freestyle machines that let you create your own carbonated drink abominations. Now, Kellogg’s has followed suit and made the same thing but for its cereals, so you can get the perfect bowl of cereal.

The machine, dubbed the Kellogg’s Bowl Bot, lets users pour a plain bowl of cereal or blend a few kinds together. The machine can add fancy toppings like fruits and nuts for those who like a little extra. It can also offer up predetermined cereal blends for those who are indecisive like “Hawaii 5-0,” which blends Frosted Mini-Wheats and Bear Naked Fit Triple Berry Granola which has sweet notes like coconut and pineapple. We here at Review Geek all think that’s a terrific idea, especially our Editor in Chief, Cam, who really loves cereal.

Using the machine is super easy—all you need to do is navigate a few simple menus on the touchscreen interface or, better yet, place your order via the companion mobile app on your tablet or smartphone. The machine, which was developed by Chowbotics (and that is now owned by DoorDash), has 22 unique ingredients that users can choose from. This includes base options like yogurt or milk.

Pricing per bowl starts at $3 for a simple frill-free bowl, but those feeling creative (or hungry) can end up spending $6.50 for a more decadent bowl. The only caveat here, though—because of course the most perfect machine in the world would have one—is that only two have been made and they’re only for college students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Florida State University. Finally, a benefit of going to college!

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