These Are the 10 Best Places to Buy Geeky Gear and T-Shirts Online

You can watch every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and read every Frank Miller-penned comic book, but you and I both know that you’re not a true nerd unless you wear geeky t-shirts and fill your home with nerdy knickknacks.

Totally kidding, but with these fun websites, you can fill your home and your wardrobe with awesome superhero- and pop culture-themed goodies. These websites sell t-shirts, but some also sell things like collectibles, key chains, toys, mugs, bags, hats, and all kinds of other items. Or, if you’d rather skip the online shopping and just be surprised by a crate of geeky goodies each month, you can always snag a geeky subscription box instead.

A Quick Note About ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek was one of the original digital storefronts for geeky goodies. Founded in 1999, it catered to computer enthusiasts and general geek culture and sold things like tees, mugs, toys, scientific gadgets, candy, and odd computer peripherals. It also inspired other shops to spring up and sell nerdy merch for all kinds of fandoms.

In May 2015, Hot Topic made an offer to acquire the company but was eventually outbid by another company, GameStop, later that year. In June 2019, ThinkGeek shuttered its online store and integrated its selection into GameStop’s online store. Now, you can still shop the curated ThinkGeek products on GameStop’s site, but there isn’t much of a selection. You can also find a few remnants on Amazon, as well, which has a better selection. So while ThinkGeek is now just a shell of its former self, we still wanted to take a moment to pay homage.

General Geeky Gear

If you’re here for all kinds of nerdy niceties—from hats to mugs and all manner of things in between—these stores will help make it clear that you’re the coolest geek on the block. It’ll be no problem to find affordable gear from your favorite video games, TV shows, comic books, movies, or graphic novels.

Lots of Video Game Goodies: Jinx

Jinx, an online store for buying video game merch

If video games are your one true love, you’ll find plenty of fun gaming swag at Jinx. The site is flush with outerwear, accessories, t-shirts, mugs, and more all themed around your favorite video games like Overwatch, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Cyberpunk 2077,  World of Warcraft, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, PUBG, and more.

Jinx also has a selection of more general pop culture items from properties like Star Wars along with its own line of clothing and accessories with gaming-themed designs on everything from hoodies to leggings. There are options for both men’s and women’s clothing as well as some unisex options. If you nerd out for video games, Jinx is the shop to beat!

Comic Books, Figurines, and Games: Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet sells figurines, books, games, comic books, and more.
Forbidden Planet

For those who favor things usually found at your local comic book store or gaming store, check out Forbidden Planet. The online store has so many interesting finds—spanning everything from graphic novels and trading cards to costumes and anime DVDs. It has gear for all kinds of fandoms, too, like Studio Ghibli, Dungeons and Dragons, Doctor Who, Marvel, DC, Power Rangers, Harry Potter, Pokémon, and more.

The site also has a terrific Sale section, where you can find awesome items discounted, like Funko Pop! toys, t-shirts, figurines, board games, books, plushies, and so on. One thing to note is that Forbidden Planet is based in the United Kingdom, so those living in the United States or elsewhere will likely need to pay more for shipping and expect longer shipping times. Forbidden Planet is a one-stop-shop every geek should visit at one point, as it’s most assuredly got something for everyone.

Weird and Wonderful Picks: Shut Up and Take My Money

Five of the many eccentric geek-themed gadgets on the site
Shut Up and Take My Money

Shut Up and Take My Money isn’t just a great quote from Futurama, it’s a website with a vast collection of eccentric, geeky trinkets you won’t find anywhere else. From Star Wars lightsaber rings and Dogecoin fidget spinners to a Lord of the Rings firepit and Thor’s Mjolnir toilet paper holder.

Most of the products link to Etsy, but you’ll occasionally see links to other sites—including Nintendo, Amazon, LEGO, Vinyl Revolution, Blockbuster, or Ruggable—so transactions actually go through these sites instead of Shut Up and Take My Money. Regardless, the site is an equally fun way to find unique items for your geeky collection or to find gifts for the geek in your life.

For Star Wars Lovers: Star Wars Shop

Home page of the star wars shop with Funko Pops and a long-sleeve shirt
Star Wars

Let’s be honest: Star Wars is about as geeky as it gets. Why not use the Force to find some cool new merch from the franchise directly from the Star Wars Shop. The store has all kinds of fun things, including Funko Pop! figures from its brand new series The Bad Batch to more generic picks like a long sleeve tie-dye Cloud City shirt or a Rebels vs. Empire chess game.

Of course, the site also features tons of awesome picks from the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Trading Post shop. Here you can find tons of goodies representing both the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. Some of our favorites include the First Order 709 Officer Hat and a traditional hooded brown robe from Black Spire on Batuu. No matter which side you’ve aligned with or who your favorite characters from the franchise are, the Star Wars Shop has something for every Star Wars fan.

Unusual Gifts and Gadgets: Firebox

A few new (and unsual) options for geek merch on the site

While Firebox does have fandom-specific finds—like a Harry Potter self-stirring mug and a book of Minecraft alarm clock—it leans a little more towards nonspecific nerd-adjacent picks, some of which are a little racy. However, it also offers tons of benign, kid-friendly options to balance things out. Options include toys, lights, pillows, wall art, board and card games, books, coloring books, mugs, chopsticks, coasters, and so much more.

The site has a ton of one-of-a-kind picks, including board games about memes, Frozen Icon Lights, classic films jigsaw puzzles, personalized pillowcases, the World’s Smallest Planetarium, and your very own Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy. Whether you’re into tech gadgets or board games, Firebox has something special for geeks of all ages

For Superhero Lovers: Superhero Stuff

Lots of clothing, hats, jewelry, and other superhero-based options on Superhero STuff
Superhero Stuff

If superheroes are more your speed, you’ve got to check out Superhero Stuff. The aptly named site is a treasure trove for all things superheroes. With options like Batman Batman swim trunks, Black Panther Mask silver cufflinks, and a Spider-Man Black Suit fitted cap, you’ll be able to flesh out your wardrobe to match your inner superhero.

You can browse the store’s general selection through brands and categories, or shop by your favorite characters. The site’s featured characters include Superman, Deadpool, He-Man, Wonder Woman, Venom, The Punisher, Captain America, Batman, Black Panther, Nightwing, Joker, and Green Lantern.

Just Geeky T-Shirts

If you’re more into just nerdy t-shirts and not other items, that’s totally cool and we—like these t-shirts—have your back. We rounded up some shops that specialize in geeky tees spanning science to superheroes in a variety of materials and sizes.

Lots of Categories and Options: Neatoshop

A variety of t-shirts and categories on Neatoshop

Neatoshop has a ton of t-shirts and even more categories. Whether you’re into programming, space, horror, or fantasy, we’re sure you’ll find a shirt that’s just tee-rific. The store is also famous for its large variety of sizes, fits, and materials, which makes it easy to buy one of its more than 100,000 shirts (spanning 1,300 independent artists) for the entire family.

Some of our favorite tees from Neatoshop include World’s #0 Programmer, Wakanda Forever, Rebel Atari, Lady Dimitrescu, Square Pizzas, Unix Highway to shell, The Leftorium, and this adorable Good Vibes Alien. Neatoshop is also known for its proprietary printing technique that always turns out crystal-clear images in incredibly vibrant colors no matter what material they’re printing on.

Awesome and Affordable: 6 Dollar Shirts

Eight sample t-shirts from 6 Dollar Shirts
6 Dollar Shirts

If you’re wanting to load up on fun t-shirts without obliterating your bank account, 6 Dollar Shirts is where it’s at. The site has over 1,500 designs and can print on tees, tanks, hoodies, and sweatshirts for adults and kids alike. Most of the site’s designs are available on its standard $6 line, though it does offer additional $9 prints from its limited-release vault and $12 full-color premium line as well. Occasionally the site has sales and deals on large orders, too.

You can browse options on the site via material type, price tier, or category, which features options like geek and gaming, TV and movies, pop culture, science and math, and more. Some of the designs we like include: Choose Your Weapon, Classically TrainedAdjust VCR, 8-Bit Life Hearts, Pizza Triforce, Team Pluto, They Live on TV, and I Want to Believe.

Styles and Profiles: TeePublic

Six of the many nerdy shirt designs at TeePublic

Sometimes a plain old t-shirt just doesn’t cut it, but that’s where TeePublic comes in. The artist design marketplace features classic t-shirts, tri-blend t-shirts, regular and slouchy v-necks, extra soft dolmans, curvy t-shirts and v-necks, heavyweight blends, and ringers. And that’s in addition to the tanks, hoodies, crewnecks, long sleeves, and baseball tees it sells.

The site sports awesome designs like Delorean Motor Company, If You Can Read This You’re a Nerd, Rebels Firebird, The Flash 2.0, Cthulhu—The Animated Series, I am Older Than The Internet, Spaceballs The T-Shirt, and Commodore 64. There are tons of nerdy shirts on the site across all the most popular fandoms and subjects. TeePublic has apparel for kids, as well.

Seriously Funny Designs: SnorgTees

Eight colorful t-shirt designs on SnorgTees

SnorgTees has a lot of fun with its geeky offerings. It features shirts from specific fandoms, like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, The X-Files, Doctor Who, Spider-ManGame of Thrones, Super Mario, Dungeons and Dragons, and Oregon Trail, along with general nerd shirts with subjects like Wi-Fi, physics, emoji, spaceships, and more.

This site isn’t where you’d shop if you want a serious design or a popular image from a show. Instead, its shirts make nerdy references along with a hefty side of humor and puns. Some of our favorites include the Mordor Fun Run, I’m Not Procrastinating It’s a Side Quest, It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Books, Alderaan 5-Day Forecast, My Name’s Not Frankenstein, Forget Lab Safety I Want Superpowers, and They See Me Rollin’. Snorg Tees’ apparel choices are perfect for those with a nerdy sense of humor and a love of puns.

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