The Ultimate Guide to Android TV External Storage Option

Enhance your Android TV box with more storage!

Android TV is a great entertainment platform. In the recent past, it has reached good popularity among users and manufactures as well. But there seems to be one problem of limited storage continued to plague it consistently.

As Android TV is getting popular and multifunctional, the need to do more things such as playing games etc has seen a demand among the users.

As the Android Platform offers lots of flexibility than others, its TV department is no exception, and it allows us to expand the storage to negate the limited internal storage problem. Let us check the ultimate guide to the Android TV external storage option. 

You would require the USB Drive for this, it is good if you choose a minimum of 32 GB Drive, the more is better.

Note: Choose only the drive which does not have any data for this, as we would format this drive, and data cannot be recovered.

Steps to Enable the External Storage Option

Let us see the steps to enable the same.

  • Go to the Settings of Android TV.
  • Under the Device section, select the “Storage & reset” option.
  • It will show currently only Internal storage details.
  • Connect the USB Drive to the Android TV box (generally it is beside the power plug point at the back of the box).
  • After connecting the drive, go the same “Storage & reset” as mentioned in the above steps.
  • You would see three options
    • Browse
    • Setup as Internal Storage
    • Eject
  • Select the Internal Storage option, It would as for “Format as Internal Storage“.
  • Choose the “Format” option.
  • It would take a couple of mins to format the USB drive.
  • Once it is formatted, the USB Drive shows up in the Device Options along with Internal Storage.
  • That’s it, a new storage option is successfully added.

Now you can use this storage option to your Android TV and download your games etc without worrying about any limitations.

I have made a video with reference to the Mi Box, which is a video guide to use the external Android Storage option, you can check it out.

This works for pretty much all the Android TV boxes including the Xiaomi’s Mi Box 4K launched recently.

Now you can extend the storage of any Android TV and enjoy more Movies and Games.

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