The Best Relaxation & Inspiration Tips for Google Assistant


Google Assistant is packed with features to help you increase daily productivity, so what can it do to help you unwind? Here are the best features from Google Assistant for relaxation at the end of each day, whether you’re using a Google Nest or just the Google Assistant app on your smartphone.

Play Ambient Sounds

Sometimes, all you need to unwind is to shut your eyes and get some background noise going. If that’s the case, saying “Hey Google, help me relax” or “OK Google, play ambient noise” will get Google to start playing one of the following ambient sounds from your linked speaker.

If you would like to specify which background noise you want to hear, you can choose from any of them. Say “Hey Google, play,” followed by one of the following:

  • relaxing sounds
  • nature sounds
  • water sounds
  • running water sounds
  • babbling brook sounds
  • oscillating fan sounds
  • fireplace sounds
  • forest sounds
  • country night sounds
  • ocean sounds
  • rain sounds
  • river sounds
  • thunderstorm sounds
  • white noise

Note: Any ambient sound will stop after 12 hours of playtime. If you would like to stop the sound manually, simply say “Hey Google, stop.”

Listen to Relaxing Music and Podcasts

Listening to music to help reduce stress is proven to have just as strong of an effect as some prescribed medications. Luckily, you can link Google Assistant to your preferred streaming service, so a simple request like “Hey Google, play relaxing music” will have Google choose a playlist for you to zen-out to.

Setting up your preferred music service only takes three easy steps. Start by opening the Google Home app on your phone and tapping on the “Media” button on the left side of the screen.

Tap the "Media" button.

Next, tap the “Music” button under the “Manage your system” subheading.

Tap the "Music" button.

Now, choose the streaming service that you would like your Google Assistant to use whenever you want to play music.

Music Selection Page

If you aren’t quite in the mood for music and would prefer some spoken words, subbing out music with a podcast is a great way to take your mind elsewhere for a moment.

Have Yourself a No Dishes Night

No, Google Assistant won’t do your dishes. However, by saying “Hey Google, order me some food,” you’ll be presented with local options to choose from, and you can then order food from those options with your Google Assistant. Payment is taken securely from your Google Pay account (which will be automatically linked to your Assistant, since it’s a Google service).

Restaurant availability is based on your local options across multiple food delivery services, including Postmates, DoorDash, Slice, and ChowNow.

Tip: If you’ve used this feature and would like to reorder a dish that you’ve ordered before, say “Hey Google, reorder food from (your chosen restaurant),” and Google will let you choose from previous orders to save time. 

Bedtime Stories for Snoozing

A woman sleeping in her bed at night.

The command “Hey Google, read me a bedtime story” will prompt your virtual assistant to choose a classic story for you to doze off to. If you forget the word “bedtime” in the phrase, Google will tell you a short story consisting of only a few sentences—which usually ends in a joke. Other than bedtime stories, Google can also read you poetry or even sing you a lullaby.

Meditation Made Easy

Practicing peaceful mindfulness at some point during the day can do great things for a person’s mentality.

When you say “OK Google, let’s meditate,” your virtual assistant will offer you different options to meditate with—including ambient sounds from, guided meditation from Calm, or guided meditation from Headspace. The ambient sounds for meditation are similar to those listed previously.

The guided meditation features are great for beginners. They’re short sessions, and you’re able to do them from the comfort of your home. For example, if you choose to do a “calming anxiety session” with Calm, you’re guided down a path of deep-breathing and relaxation for five minutes.

What Is Meditation and Does it Work?

Brighten Your Day with Great News

A woman relaxing on her couch with her eyes closed.

Whether your brain is being pummeled with politics, pandemic news, climate change, or any of the other hot topics of today, positive news can be hard to find—and pass by quickly when it pops up.

“Hey Google, tell me something good” is a command that brings solution-oriented news to light in a world full of problem-oriented news. Speak this command, and Google will tell you positive stories about the good being done in the world, whether it’s about making society fairer and safer, curing diseases, improving the environment, or anything else along those lines.

Positive things happen every day, whether we hear about them or not.

More Fun Google Assistant Tips

Google Assistant is well-versed in helping with productivity, stimulating your brain with fun easter eggs, and even guiding you to decompress at the end of the day. As its list of capabilities continues to grow, the worth and user-friendliness of Google Assistant will grow as well.

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