The 7 Best Balance Boards for Your Standing Desk

Fluidstance, Nalanda

You’ve probably seen people using balance boards as part of their workouts, but did you know they also make for excellent standing desk accessories? They’re good for your health and beat sitting around in your office chair all day.

Though there are a few different types of balance boards, they all work more or less the same and they all have the same purpose: to get you up and onto your feet instead of sitting all day in your office chair. They’re also great for toning your muscles and improving your overall strength and balance. You can even incorporate them into your regular workouts.

What to Know About Balance Boards

Before you buy one, there are a few things about balance boards that are worth taking a minute to learn about first. Here are the most important features you should consider:

  • Different Styles: Surprisingly, there are several unique types of balance boards. You can choose from options like rocker boards, wobble boards, rollers, springs, half balance balls, and even balance pads, you should choose one that matches your agility and experience levels.
  • Cost: Some balance board models run several hundred dollars a pop, but you can find more affordable options between around $30-$60. It really just comes down to your budget, your skill level, and what type of board and materials you want. In most cases, materials don’t have much impact on these boards—they just make them look nicer.
  • Safety: We’ll be honest with you: it is possible to get injured on these boards if you aren’t being careful. However, if you’re being even just slightly mindful, you’ll probably be just fine. You may want to hold onto a table (or friend) the first few times until your body gets the hang of things but your body will likely adjust to it in no time.

Best Overall Board: Fluidstance Plane Cloud

Top and bottom view of the Fluidstance Plane Cloud balance board

The Fluidstance Plane Cloud balance board offers terrific performance and a stylish design. Plus, it’s designed specifically for use at a standing desk, where others often split duties between standing desks and your home gym. The lightweight and compact board is available in four colors: Vapor, Storm, Green Flash, and Stratus.

It is carefully engineered to offer the perfect balance of stability and movement. This way you’ll end up making more micro-movements that’ll ultimately help you tone and strengthen your muscles. It also lets you rock, swivel, wobble, and do other movements that lead to a higher calorie burn, an overall increased heart rate, full core engagement, and improved posture.

The Plane has superior grip and rubber bumpers that provide natural stopping points as you move around on it. Plus, the ultra-soft padded top makes it feel more like you’re standing on a mat than a board. And while it offers a full range of movement, it’s designed to keep the majority of that from the hips down so it won’t impact your typing or writing. It’s also made of eco-conscious material from sustainable manufacturing, making it the perfect choice for anyone interested in environmentally-friendly purchases .

Best Rocker Board: Yes4All Pro Rocker

The Yes4All Pro Rocker board tilted to the side

Rocker boards are the best option for beginners, as they’re the easiest to use and are generally the most affordable. With the Yes4All Pro Rocker, you’ll only be able to move in two directions (either side to side, or back and forth depending on how you set it up). It’s perfect for strengthening muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints and helping you boost your coordination and balance.

The 17.5-inch board offers plenty of room to comfortably stand on, and it can support up to 350 pounds. It is designed with an anti-slip base, so you can use it on wood or tile as well as carpet. The deck also has a grippy surface that works with both bare feet and shoes. It comes in four colors, as well (black, blue, purple, and red), allowing you to choose the one you like best.

Best Rocker Board

Yes4All Pro Rocker

This board offers two-directional movement and is a great choice for beginners.


Best Wobble Balance Board: NALANDA Core Trainer

Front view of NALANDA wobble board tilted to the side

If you’re looking to move around in more than two directions, a wobble board—like this one from Nalanda—is the way to go since it offers 360-degree movement. It works equally well for use at a standing desk or in a workout and has a bumpy and grippy texture on its deck and at the bottom for improved stability (and it doubles as a foot massage).

The board’s extra-large deck measures 16.34 inches, giving you plenty of room to find a comfortable stance, and it can tilt as far as 24.5 degrees at any angle. It can hold up to 660 pounds as well, making it a good choice for heavier users or for those using it in intense workouts. Built-in handles make it super easy to move around, and its simple PP and TPE material is a cinch to rinse off and clean.

Best Wobble Board


Best Roller Board: Revolution 101 Roller

Person balancing on the Revolution 101 board

Roller boards are probably the most common type of board, but not all of them are made of durable materials and easy to use. The Revolution 101 balance board uses a Durasoft grip that’s grippy but still comfortable to use with or without shoes. Its composite design is heavy duty, but also designed to not scratch up your floor when using it.

The Revolution 101 can support about 400 pounds. It can be used on any surface, and it’s small and lightweight enough to carry with you anywhere. It’ll take a little more skill to master this board, compared to the Rocker and Wobble options, but it’ll also benefit you the most once you do (especially if you also regularly participate in sports like surfing, skiing, and so on). The board comes in three fun color options: blue, green, and blackout.

Best Roller Board

Revolution 101 Roller

This roller board offers a little more challenge than the other options, and is great for experienced users.


Best Half Balance Ball: Bosu Pro Dome

Top-down view of Bosu balance ball

Half balance balls create unstable and dynamic surfaces for you to deal with as you stand on them. They aren’t as difficult to use as roller boards but still offer a good challenge. The Bosu Pro Dome is a perfect beginner-to-intermediate level option. The 26-inch ball gives you plenty of area to stand on and supports up to 350 pounds.

It is constructed with heavy-duty latex-safe material that’s resistant to bursting . The dome also features a rubberized non-slip material on the bottom that will keep it in place while you’re standing on it, and it won’t mark your tile or hardwood floor, either. It also ships with a dual-action hand pump and a variety of exercise training materials (which is perfect if you want to use it for workouts as well as at your standing desk.

Best Half Balance Ball

Bosu Pro Dome

Half balance balls offer a unique balancing experience for beginners and intermediate users.


Best Spring Board: StrongBoard Spring

Side view of StrongBoard with blue springs

With the StrongBoard balance board, you can enjoy omnidirectional movement on par with wobble boards. The board has tough springs that compress and cause instability, and it’ll work your abs, legs, and glutes while you work to find balance.

It’s easy to step on and off the board, and it’s a solid choice for beginners and intermediate users . The military-grade balance trainer is made with durable materials and supports up to 500 pounds It comes in 10 different colors (well, the deck and base are black—it’s just the springs that are colorful). It’s a great choice for using with your standing desk and it can be integrated into your workouts, too.

Best Spring Board

StrongBoard Spring

Find your balance on this spring-based board that moves in every direction.

Best Option for Rehab: VIVE Balance Pad

Person standing on VIVE balance pad

The Vive Balance Pad isn’t technically considered a balance board, but we wanted to include it because it’s a great option for those rehabilitating after an injury or surgery, as well as seniors. The pad is much more stable than any of the balance boards, but it still supplies a safe and lightly destabilized surface that does a terrific job of improving balance and core strength.

The 2.4-inch balance pad is made of closed-cell foam that’s tear-resistant, and it can support up to 300 pounds. It’s lightly textured and will work equally well with shoes or if you’re barefoot. The non-slip base will stay in place as you move around on it, and its 13.4-inch base offers you plenty of room to find a comfy stance. It’s also super lightweight and easy to move around, and a cinch to clean off in case it gets dirty.

Best Option for Seniors

VIVE Balance Pad

The VIVE balance pad is perfect for seniors, beginners, and those rehabilitating injuries.


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