The 10 Best Netflix Original Stand-Up Comedies


If you want to spend some of your night laughing until you cry, these stand-up comedians will surely do that. There’s a comedian on Netflix for everyone’s taste. These are the 10 best original stand-up comedies you can stream on Netflix right now.

The 10 Best Movies on Netflix

Aziz Ansari: Right Now

Aziz Ansari’s Right Now is a comedy special where he explains his take on the social climate, his family, and more. Ansari talks about the allegations he received in 2019 and how he dealt with the hate. There are some profound moments in this special, but that doesn’t take away from all the great jokes throughout.

Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones

Dave Chappelle has always been a comedian who throws jokes at everyone, and Sticks & Stones is no exception. Chappelle takes on gun culture, celebrity scandals, the opioid crisis, and everything in between. He’ll have you laughing until you cry, and you’ll want to stick around for the Epilogue to get a real insight at Chappelle’s comedy.

John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous

The third of his stand-up comedies, Kid Gorgeous is one of the best specials you can catch on Netflix. John Mulaney tells hilarious stories about his upbringing, including the church, his family, and a quirky detective by the name of J. J. Bittenbinder. Learn all about street smarts in this great comedy stand-up by Mulaney.

Ricky Gervais: Humanity

As we can all imagine, Ricky Gervais does not hold back when it comes to calling out people. In Humanity, he does all that and more, with celebrity problems, a sensitive society, and mortality. His humor style is similar to Dave Chappelle’s, with a British twist on all of his jokes.

Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill

23 Hours to Kill is a special that follows longtime comedian Jerry Seinfeld as he discusses the mundane things of life. Seinfeld talks about the way things used to be, and he uses modern examples to reminisce about the old days. Get a grip on the small things in life, and listen as he makes a joke about the little things.

Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis

A mid-20s comedian takes her life and makes it into a stand-up special in Quarter-Life Crisis. Taylor Tomlinson is an open book as she talks about her life and how she sees herself not going anywhere. Tomlinson spends the whole hour talking about how the world is these days, and she takes it light-hearted, so others understand her view.

Kevin Hart: Irresponsible

Irresponsible by Kevin Hart is all about how his year has gone, and what has unraveled due to his behavior. He covers everything from his three children, his second marriage, and the journeys he’s been on throughout his lift. Hart covers all of his bases while also making you laugh at the crazy things he’s done.

Ronny Chieng: Asain Comedian Destroys America

Ronny Chieng takes the stage to tackle what is the modern American world and what it means to be “truly American.” Asian Comedian Destroys America picks apart politics, Asian identity, America, and more throughout this special. His jokes are incredibly relatable, and the lightness of his jokes make it easy to laugh at.

Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity

Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity brings in the talents of Nick Kroll, Jeff Goldblum, Chelsea Peretti, and more to have you continuously rolling. With more than 10 comedic geniuses in one room, there is a comedy style for everyone to enjoy throughout this special that was made to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease.

Bo Burnham: Make Happy

Make Happy is a comedic special by Bo Burnham as he takes on deep-hitting questions. Burnham covers topics that range from life, death, sexuality, mental illness, and more, in a performance-like stand-up. A mixture of jokes, skits, music, and more makes this hour-long show an extraordinary watch for all to see.

The 10 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

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