Telstra wins 15-year Yarra Valley Water IoT deal

Telstra has secured a 15-year deal with Yarra Valley Water to collect data from internet of things sensors to be embedded in its water and sanitation networks.

The deal is said to cover up to “1 million industrial IoT services” and is the first large-scale deployment of Telstra’s IoT connection manager (ICM) platform.

ICM is designed to simplify management of large numbers of SIMs and connections.

Yarra Valley Water managing director, Pat McCafferty said that by “deploying a range of different sensors into our water and sanitation networks, we can detect leaks, minimise water wastage and save our customers money.”

Telstra said the technology would help Yarra Valley Water “to be far more proactive by helping prevent leaks from becoming bursts, sewer blockages from becoming spills, and notifying customers about issues on their properties so they can act quickly.”

“Instead of getting four data points a year, our IoT Connection Manager will now allow Yarra Valley Water to get more than 17,000 data points annually for a much more accurate, near real-time, and robust understanding of its water infrastructure,” Telstra’s group owner of industry solutions and IoT Mark Chapman said.

In total, more than 4 million “things” are now connected to Telstra’s IoT networks.

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