TCL Shows Off NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses, Multi-Screen Collaboration, and 5G CPEs


TCL introduced a slew of new products at Mobile World Congress 2021, including its NXTWEAR G smart glasses, a Multi-Screen Collaboration tool that links TCL phones to Windows 10, and a pair of 5G CPEs to help carriers provide fast wireless speeds in rural areas. Here’s the rundown.

Hold up, TCL also announced two affordable Android Go phones at MWC 2021. We covered those products in a separate article. Now, let’s get back to business.

TCL NXTWEAR G Cinematic Smart Glasses

TCL's smart glasses.

First teased at CES 2021, the TCL NXTWEAR G glasses are a portable USB-C display primarily intended for movies and games. They feature two 1080p high-definition Sony FHD Micro OLED panels and can emulate the 140-inch 16:9 screens often used in theatrical settings.

Unlike a VR headset, the glasses do not obstruct your peripheral vision or require crazy headstraps. They’re portable like regular glasses and receive their power from your device’s USB-C port, eliminating the need for batteries.

TCL says that its NXTWEAR G glasses support 3D 4K content and have integrated speakers, though you can still use headphones if you like (by connecting your headphones to your video source, not the glasses).

NXTWEAR G will make its debut in Australia this July, with availability for other regions planned later this year. The glasses work with “more than 100 smartphones” and any laptop or desktop with USB-C video-out capabilities. TCL says that the glasses come with adjustable nose pads and lens adapters for those who wear glasses.

Multi-Screen Collaboration Features on Chrome OS and Windows 10

TCL's Multi-Screen tool.

Android integration with PCs and tablets leaves a lot to be desired, even with Windows’ new Your Phone feature. That’s why TCL is releasing Multi-Screen Collaboration, a software tool that links your TCL phone to Windows 10, select Android tablets, and even TCL TVs.

On Windows 10, Multi-Screen Collaboration enables you to wirelessly access your TCL phone’s apps, files, and clipboard. You can also see mobile notifications on your PC even when your phone is locked away in your pocket.

Interestingly, these features extend to select TCL TVs. If you have a newer TCL phone, you can use Multi-Screen Collaboration to extend video from your device to your TV. That said, TCL hasn’t revealed any of the technology’s restraints, like the maximum resolution of content streamed from TVs to phones.

TCL also mentions that Multi-Screen Collaboration works on the TCL 10 TABMAX tablet, though the company doesn’t specify which features the tablet supports. It’s possible that the TCL 10 TABMAX only offers mobile notifications when connected to a phone.

Multi-Screen Collaboration will arrive on a range of products through a software update. You can check which products are compatible with Multi-Screen Collaboration on TCL’s website.

TCL LINKHUB Outdoor 5G and 4G CPEs

TCL's outdoor 5G LINKHUB.

Finally, there’s TCL’s new outdoor 5G CPE and indoor 4G CPE. Intended for rural areas, these CPEs capture and amplify mobile signals, allowing carriers to extend their wireless range at a low cost.

These are not consumer devices, though carriers will install them near the homes of customers in rural areas. Both the 5G and 4G CPEs are IP67-rated for storm resistance and feature lightning-resistant housing, plus an operating temperature range from -40°C to +55°C (that’s -40°F to 131°F).

TCL says that its 5G CPE offers speeds up to 4.67Gbps, while the 4G CPE tops out at 600Mbps. Bear in mind that these devices are intended for areas with limited cellular signal, so real-world speeds might vary greatly.

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