Tarantino and Miramax Drop Swords in NFT Copyright Battle

In one of the longest running copyright sagas in the history of NFTs, Quentin Tarantino and Miramax have finally reached a settlement. As a result, both parties have agreed to dismiss the lawsuit and put the whole messy affair behind them.

Back in November, at the height of the world’s first-ever NFT bull run, Tarantino attempted to launch an NFT collection featuring footage from his hit movie, Pulp Fiction. However, Miramax stepped in to argue that they and not the famed director held the rights to the material used.

Things then began to get messy, when team Tarantino insisted that Miramax did not specifically hold NFT distribution rights. Essentially, arguing that the medium didn’t even exist when the contract was made. However, after a lengthy impasse, both parties have agreed to put the whole sorry affair to bed, now hinting at a future collaboration between the pair, including the possibility of NFTs entering the mix.

Despite the lawsuit, Tarantino did eventually manage to drop the first item in his 7-piece collection back in January. A hugely popular collectible that eventually changed hands for a whopping $1.1 million. Now, as the dust settles, movie buffs and NFT collectors alike wait in anticipation for the rest of the drop. However, announcements on that front are yet to surface.



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