Tangi – A New Google Area 120 experiment launched

Tangi – A New Google Area 120 experiment has been launched.

Google Area 120 has come up with another interesting experiment, Tangi. This experiment by Google focuses on the social video sharing app. It enables us to create quick DIY videos. With this experiment, by the content of the users, it can help people learn new things. Similar to Pinterest, Tangi is where creative people can get new ideas and connect with other passionate people like them.

What is Tangi?

As per Area 120, the name is inspired by the words TeAch aNd GIve and “tangible”—things you can make.

Tangi mainly focuses on a short video sharing platform, where the users can use (60 secs or less) to create content. The content currently seems to be focused mainly on crafting, cooking, cosmetics or clothing. Users can also share a re-creation of things tried with Tangi’s “Try It” feature.

Whether you love crafting, cooking, cosmetics, or clothing, Tangi has 60-second videos to help you try something new—and a place to share it back too. You can also share a re-creation of things you tried out with Tangi’s “Try It” feature, which helps build a community between creators and their fans.


It is available on the Web, Android, and iOS platforms as well. It must be noted, you can’t just start to write a post and can only view the content. The teams it seems is working with the select content creators before launch and you will have to sign up for the waitlist to post your content.

Also, Recently Google has announced a new noise cancellation feature on Google Meet, its video-conferencing service. These features use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to cancel the background noise including dog-barking, food wafers to enhance the video-calling experience.
This feature is one the first in Video Conferencing tools and is an effective way to focus on the actual call than on the Noise for Google Meet users. Google Meet was recently made free for all the users and has seen a rapid rise.

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