Taito’s First Micro Arcade Replica Has a Pop-Out Rotating Screen


Taito just revealed a desktop replica of the Egret II Mini, its sit-down arcade machine originally released in the 90s. Not only is it small and adorable, its screen actually pops out and rotates between a horizontal and vertical position.

The micro arcade replica’s tiny 5-inch 4:3 LCD display pops out simply by pushing on the screen. Then, you can rotate it to another orientation. On the console itself, you have six primary buttons and a joystick that you can set to move in either four or eight directions depending on the game. You can also opt to spring for the sold-separately controller that features a paddle wheel and trackball. This will allow you to play compatible titles like Cameltry.

Taito pre-loaded the arcade replica with 40 titles, including Lunar Rescue, Bubble Bobble, Qix, Metal Black, Arkanoid, Strike Bowling, Cadash, Rainbow Islands EXTRA, Rastan Saga, Liquid Kids Adventure, and its iconic Space Invaders. The expansion controller comes with an SD card preloaded with ten games that use the corresponding trackball and paddle. The console also has an HDMI port for TV output, two USB-A ports for controllers, a USB-C port for power, and a headphone jack.

The Egret II Mini doesn’t ship until March 2, 2022, but that’s fine because it gives you plenty of time to save up enough money for the replica and its peripherals. The replica alone will go for 18,678 yen (about $170), while the expansion controller is 12,078 yen ($110). Extra arcade sticks are 3,278 yen ($30). There will also be a limited 49,478-yen bundle that throws in a few extras like soundtrack CDs, and a 32-978-yen bundle ($300) that omits the gamepad and arcade stick.

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