Store and Charge Your Apple Gadgets In Kensington’s New StudioCaddy


With its stylish new StudioCaddy, Kensington continues expanding its line of Apple-centric accessories. The caddy offers a centralized place to store, and even charge, all of your portable Apple devices, like your iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch, iPad, and MacBook.

The StudioCaddy offers Qi wireless charging and makes it easy to store your Apple gadgets on your desk without taking up a ton of space so they’re always within reach and fully charged. It’s perfect for use in professional offices and home offices alike.

“Many consumers and business users have come to rely upon the Apple ecosystem to keep them connected and deliver a seamless flow of information across their various devices,” stated Lisa Schuiteboer-Shuler, Kensington’s Ergonomic Category Marketing Manager. “Along with the unparalleled convenience of having instantaneous access to information and communication services synchronized across a user’s iMac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, comes the clutter caused by the often tangled assortment of chargers and cables. The StudioCaddy complements the Apple design element by bringing all of the devices together into a simple, clean, organized, and functional technology centerpiece.”

Close up view of detached MacBook/iPad stand and iPhone/AirPods charger

The caddy features a dual Qi charger module for your Qi-enabled iPhone and AirPods, which magnetically attaches to the MacBook and iPad stand. You can keep them connected for a single storage hub, or detach them and arrange them separately on your desk. It also sports USB-A and USB-C ports for charging your other devices, though you’ll need to provide your own cables.

The space-saving stand securely cradles your MacBook and stores it in an upright closed position. Meanwhile, the iPad holder lets you store your tablet while still being able to view and use it in either portrait or landscape orientation.

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