SteelSeries’ New Minimalist Prime Accessories Are Premium Gaming Made Affordable


SteelSeries is back at it with a new line of gaming accessories, this time aimed at competitive eSports players. The series includes a new Arctis headset and three mice, all featuring a minimalist design that focuses on premium performance.

While you might expect any premium gaming accessories aimed at professional competitive gamers to be super expensive, that isn’t the case with SteelSeries’ new Prime range. Everything in the line is available for under $130, with the bulk of the products under $100, which makes them viable options for non-competitive gamers as well.

Additionally, where many pro-level gaming mice and headsets are loaded with tons of buttons, the Prime accessories opted to keep things simple and easy to use. The Prime headset and mice are all available to purchase today.

The Arctis Prime Headset

SteelSeries' new Arctis Prime gaming headset

The Arctis Prime headset is a prime example of the line’s minimal design, as it only has a mute button, volume wheel, and retractable boom microphone. Its universal detachable 3.5mm cable offers compatibility with all gaming platforms. It splits into dedicated headphone and microphone jacks, and it’s long enough for PC gamers to comfortably use.

Its ear pads are now more plush and offer better noise isolation. Premium speaker drivers with high-density magnets offer terrific audio up to 40,000Hz. Of course, the iconic SteelSeries band is still there, and individual magnetic ear cup plates can be removed for customization if desired. The headset’s Discord-Certified ClearCast bi-directional microphone ensures your voice sounds clear and never muddled by background noise.

The Prime, Prime+, and Prime Wireless Mice

The SteelSeries Prime gaming mouse

The three new mice—the Prime, Prime+, and the Prime Wireless—look similar to each other and all feature the Prestige Optical Magnetic switches, which are rated for up to 100 million clicks.

The most notable of the three—the Prime Wireless—has an extra-tall arch for right-handed gamers. It weighs 80 grams and features a USB-C charging port that can fast-charge. SteelSeries claims the battery will last for as long as 100 hours.

The other two mice are better for those who like the low-latency guarantee of a wired mouse. Both are lighter than the Wireless model, weigh the same, and share the same sensors and switches, but that’s where their similarities end.

The Prime+ has a secondary liftoff sensor for more accurate clicking (especially for rapid-fire clicking) as well as a bottom-mounted OLED screen that’ll let you sift through and change settings for liftoff distance, sensitivity, scroll wheel illumination, polling rates, and so on. This bypasses the need to pour over bulky software just to make a few simple changes. The Prime model is a more basic version of the Prime+, leaving off the OLED screen and liftoff sensor.

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