Sony Targets the Remote Work Crowd With a … Wireless Neck Speaker?


Remote workers who want to enjoy music without bothering family or roommates have no choice but to use headphones or earbuds all day. Or do they? Sony just announced its new SRS-NB10 wireless Neckband Speaker, an audio device that sits on your shoulders and aims sound toward your ears. Sony calls this speaker the “perfect work-from-home product,” and honestly, it’s a great idea.

Just to be clear, neckband speakers have existed for quite a while. Brands like Bose and JBL sell neck speakers, and Sony itself launched a SRS-WS1 speaker back in 2019. While they aren’t exactly popular, neckband speakers are useful for watching TV without disturbing other people, hosting conference calls without wearing  bulky headphones, and listening to music in environments where your ears need to be free, like the gym.

Sony’s new SRS-NB10 speaker is a bit unique, though. Not only is it impressively slim, but it’s geared entirely toward remote workers, with features like beamforming microphones for increased call quality, a dedicated mute button, and a genuinely impressive 20-hour battery life.

Other features include IPX4 sweat-resistance (good for light workouts), USB-C quick charging, and dual-device connectivity that lets you quickly jump between audio sources. While Sony is certainly targeting remote workers with the SRS-NB10, it could easily find its way out of the home office.

It’s worth mentioning that similar audio solutions, such as bone conduction headphones, can achieve the same goals as neckband speakers without bleeding audio into a room. Generally speaking, that makes them a better option for busy office environments or gyms.

Sony plans to sell the SRS-NB10 in both charcoal gray and white colorways. Pre-orders for the device will open this September for $150.

open pre-orders for the SRS-NB10 speaker this September.

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