Slide This Zens Charger Between Two Devices to Wirelessly Charge Both at Once


Zens just debuted four creative new power banks. Several of the battery packs come with handy kickstand, and one is a dual-sided option that’ll allow you to charge two Qi-compatible devices—like an iPhone and some AirPods—at the same time.

The 4,000mAh Magnetic Dual Powerbank can sit between two compatible devices and charge both, and last for up to 1.5 charges. It’s the perfect way to charge up your most commonly used gadgets at the same time, and is perfect for use at your desk or on the go. The unique charger’s magnetic connection means it can hold your MagSafe device in place while it charges.

Of course, you can use it for just a single device at a time, as well. And with Stand Mode, a kickstand pops out allowing you to juice up your phone while still being able to see and use it; this would let you watch a movie on your phone while on a train or flight.

View of new Zens Magnetic Powerbank chargers

Zens announced three other power banks, as well, including the Magnetic Single Powerbank, the Magnetic Single Powerbank with stand, and the Magnetic Single Powerbank with stand 10,000 mAh. The variety makes it easy to choose a charger that suits your particular needs, whether it’s charging multiple devices at once or having a large-capacity charger that’ll last you a few days between charges.

“Innovation, continuously anticipating what is to come and adapting to changing customer needs is in Zens’ DNA. We see that the demand for the possibility to charge anytime and anywhere is growing. It’s all about convenience and freedom, and that’s why we’re launching these Qi-enabled power banks for mobile devices,” said Johan Plasmans, Zens CEO. “Devices that can provide us with extra power when we need it have become essential in life. Wherever we are, we always want to stay connected. These power banks make this possible effortlessly.”

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