Satechi’s Latest Mac Keyboard Costs About Half the Price of Apple’s


Apple’s Magic Keyboard is great, but it’s expensive, it doesn’t have backlit keys, and it can only connect to one device at a time. If you want these advanced features in a keyboard that fits your Mac’s aesthetic, your best bet might be the new Satechi X2 keyboard.

At $80, the Satechi X2 costs about half the price of Apple’s full-sized Magic Keyboard (the one with a number pad). It offers fully adjustable backlighting, a slim Apple-inspired design, and four hot swap keys to quickly jump between Bluetooth devices (your Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc).

Packing 10 days of battery life while the backlight is in use, the Satechi X2 outlasts many other rechargeable Bluetooth keyboards. Plus, it charges over USB-C, so you don’t have to worry about using any weird cables or swapping out AA batteries.

The Satechi X2 is available now for $80, or $68 if you use the Father’s Day coupon code THANKSDAD through June 20th. It’s worth mentioning that Satechi sells two other models of this keyboard, the fun-sized X1 and the very large X3.

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