Samsung SmartThings App Gets a Fresh Redesign and Reorganized Device Controls


Sick of the beige and boring SmartThings app? Well, Samsung is giving SmartThings a brightly colored, fresh coat of paint. The company is also reorganizing device controls within SmartThings, which should reduce friction while navigating the app or programming home automation.

Instead of organizing all your devices by room, SmartThings now cuts all of your controls into a handful of categories:

  • Favorites: The new SmartThings home screen presents your most-used devices, scenes, and services up front for quick access.
  • Devices: A control panel for all of your devices.
  • Life: A portal for new SmartThings services and enhanced SmartThings functions. It features things like SmartThings Cooking, what Samsung calls “a one-stop-shop that creates seamless kitchen and meal-prepping experiences.”
  • Automations: A dedicated page to connect devices together for home automation (like turning on smart bulbs when your door unlocks).
  • Menu: This is where you find Settings, History, Notifications, SmartThings Labs and other additional features.

For many, and especially those who are new to smart homes, the SmartThings redesign should make smart home control and automation much more intuitive. Of course, Samsung hasn’t announced any other changes in the update, so we don’t know if any features have been removed or changed.

Samsung is currently rolling out the SmartThings update for Android devices, with the iOS rollout coming “shortly after.” Of course, it’s worth pointing out that Samsung no longer makes smart home hardware and now relies on other companies to make SmartThings devices.

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