Razer’s 130-Watt GaN Adapter Supercharges Your Laptops and Phones Simultaneously


Using multiple power bricks to charge your phone, laptop, and earbuds is a pain in the butt. So why not use a single charger for everything? Razer’s newly announced 130-watt GaN adapter can charge four devices at their top speed, an impressive feat given its portability.

Gallium Nitride or “GaN” chargers are more effective at transferring current than typical silicon chargers. As a result, they can charge at high speeds without producing excess heat. GaN chargers also have a very small footprint, which makes them a perfect option for people who are always on the move (or just don’t want a chunky adapter hanging out of their outlets).

Razer’s GaN charger features a pair of USB-C ports that share a 100-watt current, plus two USB-A ports that individually support 18-watt charging. The USB-C ports are perfect for charging two laptops simultaneously, and of course, 18 watts is perfect for charging phones, tablets, and small accessories.

The only catch? Razer’s 130-watt GaN charger costs $180. That makes it a somewhat costly alternative to products like the RavPower 120-watt GaN power station, which costs just $80, has four ports, and can charge devices at speeds that are comparable to Razer’s adapter (though the Razer power adapter is a bit faster and arguably more portable than the RavPower model).

Razer says that its launching the 130-watt GaN charger sometime within the next 30 days. You can sign up for notifications on the company’s website to get an email alert when the power adapter is available.

Source: Razer via Engadget

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