PWA makes a strong headway with Google and Microsoft Partnership

PWAs make a strong headway with Google and Microsoft Partnership and make a strong use case in the Android ecosystem.

As per the new partnership which will definitely help PWA community, Microsoft’s PWABuilder and Google’s Bubblewrap will work together to help developers publish PWAs in the Google Play Store.

New Features

As per the PWSBuilder’s blog, the two awesome new features for PWA developers is the outcome of the partnership.

  1. Web shortcuts support: PWAs packaged for Google Play via PWABuilder will now support the new web shortcuts standard.
  2. Advanced Android features & customization: PWABuilder now supports the full range of trusted web activity options that makes your PWA shine on Android devices. From PWABuilder, you can customize the appearance of the Android status bar and nav bar in your PWA, customize your Android splash screen, change your launcher name, use an existing signing key, utilize deeper push notification support, configure your package’s ID and versioning, fallback behavior and more.

Android Customization

Earlier there was a big issue, PWABuilder didn’t have a way to customize the Android package. Now PWABuilder is updated to allow for full customization of your Android app package.

PWA makes a strong headway with Google and Microsoft Partnership
Web shortcuts working on Android

With this new functionality, you can customize your PWA for Android:

  • Package ID: The Android identifier unique to your app
  • App name: The full name of your app. We prepopulate this with the app name from your PWA’s app manifest.
  • Launcher name: The name of your app in the Android launcher. This is typically the same as app name, or a shortened version of it. We prepopulate this with short_name from your PWA’s app manifest.
  • App version: This is the version string displayed to end users, e.g. “”
  • App version code: This is an integer used as a private, internal version of your app.
  • Host, Start URL, Manifest URL: The URLs used to launch your PWA in the Android app. We prepopulate these for you from your app manifest.
  • Status bar color, Nav bar color: The color of the Android status bar and navigation bar in your PWA. You can also hide these bars by setting Display to Fullscreen. We prepopulate this using colors from your app manifest.

and host of other features.

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