Play Retro Game Boy Cartridges on Your Computer with This Little Adapter


Got a box or two of your old Game Boy cartridges lying around? Well, thanks to this clever new device—dubbed the GB Operator—it’s time to dust your cartridges off, as the slick adapter lets you play your cherished games right on your computer.

The GB Operator is a neat little emulator from Epilogue that allows you to play and manage your Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges from your Windows, Mac, or Linux device. It uses mGBA as its core emulator, which adds cheat and controller support, and it can even back up your saves onto your computer and put them back onto the cartridge itself.

It is able to tell the difference between real and fake cartridges, should the need arise. The GB Operator also lets you download whatever game you connect as a ROM if you want to play it using other emulation hardware (which is a way better, and more legal, option than illegally downloading ROMs from sketchy websites).

The emulator's game load screen and another screen with a game open

Amazingly, the little device is also compatible with the Game Boy Camera, allowing you to transfer 8-bit images if that’s your thing. The adapter can also be used to flash homebrew Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games onto empty cartridges. And, not surprisingly, there are already tons of videos up on YouTube about the gadget that’ll show you how the device looks on a computer.

Orders for the GB Operator are currently open, for just $49. The device is expected to ship in August 2021.

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