Pixel Phones Will Get Astrophotography Video, Photo Privacy, and More in June Feature Drop

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As many Pixel phone owners know, Google likes to do “feature drops” with new stuff, and the June feature drop is here full of exciting changes. The update will deliver a locked folder feature for Google Photos, video-mode to Astrophotography, Pride-themed ringtones, and much more we’ll explain below.

While these updates aren’t usually huge, this June drop has many exciting new additions plus makes several of the best Pixel features more readily available abroad. The first big update is in the camera department.

Shown off earlier this year at Google’s developer event, Pixel owners can now take even better photos and videos while using the Astrophotography mode. To be specific, Google added video astrophotography. On the Pixel 4 and newer, you can take timelapse/video with the Night Sight camera mode.

Speaking of the camera, Google Photos is getting a “passcode-protected space” to give users more photo privacy. This basically lets you lock specific photos to a folder; that way, they don’t appear in the gallery, menus, or on connected devices like a Nest Hub.

Additionally, you’ll find three new Pride wallpapers for June (by Ashton Attzs), as well as Pride-themed ringtones and notification sounds from LGBTQ+ artists and YouTube Creators.

One of my favorite features is the new “Heads Up” mode, a part of digital well-being. Without getting too technical, it basically can “detect when you’re walking and periodically reminds you to look up from your screen.” And in terms of your wellbeing, the Car Crash Detection mode is coming to Spain, Ireland, and Singapore after launching in the UK, Australia, and the US.

Additionally, the June Feature Drop for Pixel phones extends the Call Screen feature to Japan while also letting owners say, “Ok Google, decline call,” which is neat. Not to mention Google’s Recorder app working with more English dialects, including Singaporean, Australian, Irish, and British English, to name a few.

Usually, Google explains which features are available on specific phones, so we’ll have to wait and see what goes where.

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