Philo Streaming Service Now Raising Prices – It Promised Not to Raise them


Whenever a rival streaming services raises its prices, Philo sends out emails bragging that its live TV service still costs just $20 a month. But starting June 8th, Philo is raising its subscription fee to $25 a month for new subscribers. It’s the service’s first price hike in nearly 4 years.

Existing Philo subscribers will continue to pay $20 a month for the time being. However, Philo is offering year-long DVR storage to customers who pay the $25 fee, an improvement on the current 30-day DVR storage limit. (Current subscribers can switch to the $25 plan through their account settings come June 8th, through they aren’t forced to do so.)

Philo blames the price hike on the rising cost of streaming contracts. It’s the same story we’ve heard from YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, and other platforms that increase their subscription fee.

If streaming contracts continue to get more expensive, then so will streaming services. And because companies keep launching new services, customers are constantly forced to subscribe to more and more platforms. It’s getting to the point that some people, and especially live TV subscribers, are thinking of switching back to cable. It’s a crappy situation with no end in sight.

Source: Philo via Droid Life

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