Original Oculus Quest Will Get Wireless PC VR Gaming Soon


The Oculus team over at Facebook is busy improving the VR experience. Earlier this year, it added the ability to stream PC VR games to the Quest 2 wirelessly with Air Link. Now, it looks like that same feature is coming to the original Quest eventually.

Instead of connecting to the PC with a wire, Air Link allows for wireless gameplay and freedom of movement. While we didn’t think the original Quest would ever get such a feature, now Mark Zuckerberg has answered the question for fans. Yes, potentially with the v30 update or similar, the first-gen Quest will get Air Link streaming.

According to The Verge, while showing off the v30 update, a user asked about Air Link for older devices, and Zuckerberg responded and simply said, “Air Link for Quest 1 is coming too,” but that’s all we really know at this point.

Overall, the v30 update has many changes to extend the infinite office and improved multitasking, but we’re not sure what all it will include or when it’s actually coming. Additionally, whenever the Oculus Quest v30 update arrives, we’ll have to see if it also comes to the original headset. If not, the Air Link update will likely follow at a later date.

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