NVIDIA Shield Devices Get a Google TV-Like Home Screen


The recently-launched Android TV “Discover” homescreen is now rolling out on NVIDIA Shield streaming devices, unlocking several UI improvements and personalization features that were once Chromecast-exclusive. You should see a notification at the top of your NVIDIA Shield homescreen when the update is available for your device.

Google currently supports two operating systems for streaming devices. There’s the Android TV software used by NVIDIA sticks and Android smart TVs, and then there’s the Google TV interface that debuted with the new Chromecast.

The operating systems have more similarities than differences, though Google TV packs some personalization features that make it easy to find shows without opening any apps. One of Google TV’s best features, the Discover tab that pulls suggested content from all of your services, is the highlight of this NVIDIA Shield update.

But that’s not the only change! This update also includes a new Apps tab, which is easier to access than the old All Apps view. Other UI elements remain the same, though NVIDIA did remove the left-most Android TV sidebar that contains app shortcuts and other tools.

NVIDIA is rolling out the Discover update now. This update may take a bit of time to reach your device, but you should see a notification at the top of your Android TV homepage when it’s available.


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