Nintendo Switch ‘Spy Alarm’ Turns Your Joy-Con Into a Laser Tripwire


Would you trust a Nintendo Switch to handle your home security? A new Spy Alarm app uses your Joy-Con’s IR sensor to create a laser tripwire, alerting you when an intruder crosses its invisible path. For $10, the Spy Alarm is … well, it’s for kids, and it’s cheaper than a real-world SpyX motion alarm toy.

Spy Alarm comes from Sabec, the developer responsible for the Nintendo Switch Calculator and Xylophone apps, which both cost $10. Sabec is getting a ton of coverage because its Calculator app became a bit of a meme, garnering sarcastic reviews, livestreams, and speedruns. The new Spy Alarm app seems to be an attempt to continue the hype.


But to Sabec’s credit, Spy Alarm seems like something that a kid may actually enjoy using (at least for a day or two). It turns your Joy-Con into a laser tripwire that, when crossed, sets off an alarm on your Switch. The tripwire has a range of one meter (about 3 feet), so like most of those real-world spy alarms, it works best in a hallway or doorway.

If you’re a livestreamer or speedrunner looking for funny content, go ahead and give the Spy Alarm a test run. But it goes without saying that, if you want to secure your home, you should stick to actual security hardware.

Source: Sabec via Engadget

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