New Soundcore Life P3 Earbuds Go Crazy With Features Despite an $80 Price Tag


Anker-owned audio brand Soundcore made a big splash with its affordable Life P2 earbuds in 2019. Now, the company is preparing to launch Soundcore Life P3, a pair of wireless earbuds with a ton of ANC features, custom EQ controls, and even a sleepytime white noise setting. For $80, they look like a total steal.

In terms of specs and features, Soundcore Life P3 improves on its predecessor in every way possible. It uses 11mm drivers (up from 6mm drivers), works with wireless charging, and uses 6 mics for improved call quality (up from 4 mics). It also features a ton of ANC and app-controlled audio modes—so many, in fact, that we need to list them in bulleted form.

  • ANC
    • Transport: A strong ANC mode intended for buses, airplanes, cars, and other bass-heavy ambient noise environments.
    • Outdoor: An ANC mode to block out street noise, wind, and other ambient sound.
    • Indoor: The lightest ANC mode intended for office settings and coffee shops.
    • Transparency: The opposite of ANC. Transparency mode brings in external audio so you can hear your surroundings while listening to music.
  • In-App Controls
    • Custom EQ: Dial in EQ to your taste.
    • BassUP: A bass-boost mode (also available on Soundcore Life P2).
    • Sleep Mode: A white noise mode to help you get to sleep.
    • Gaming Mode: This mode boosts the sound effects in games.
    • Find Your Earbuds: No, it’s not Tile tracking. Find Your Earbuds makes the Life P3s emit a high pitched beep.

Soundcore says that the Life P3 earbuds have a 7-hour playtime and up to 32 hours with the charging case. That’s average for a pair of headphones at this price, although the real-world battery life is probably less, especially if you use ANC.

The Soundcore Life P3s launch in early July. Pre-orders aren’t available, though you can reserve a pair of the earbuds now for $1. Reserving the earbuds nets you a 25% discount, bringing the Life P3s down from $80 to just $60.

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