Brand New Sony Portable Speakers Offer Hours of Playback After a 10-Minute Charge


Sony refreshes its portable Bluetooth speakers almost every year, but for 2021, we’re getting some exciting changes. The most notable one being fast-charging, which promises anywhere from 80 minutes to over 3 hours of music playback after a 10-minute charge.

This week sony confirmed it’ll refresh its most popular portable Bluetooth speakers. From the ultra-small SRS-XB13 speaker to its large Sony SRS-XP500 / XP700 range. In total, there are four new speakers on the way, all with tough designs, improved sound, and fast-charging technology.

Sony SRS-XB13 Speaker

Sony's small XB13 speaker oudoors

First up is the little Sony SRS-XB13, which is about the size of a soda can. It’s similar to the XB12 from a few years ago, but a little smaller and has a robust new design. The XB13 has a Sound Diffusion Processor that Sony says will provide “rich dynamic sound” even in this small of a speaker.

It still offers a surprising 16 hours of music playback, fast charging, and IP67-rated dust and water resistance for the size. Plus, Sony added an extra UV coating to prevent scratches and handle the outdoor elements.

You’ll also enjoy a microphone port to use the XB13 as a speakerphone, a built-in handle, Google fast pairing support, and you can pair two together for stereo sound. This little guy arrives in June for $59.99.

Sony SRS-XP500 & XP700

Sony SRS-XP500 / XP700

Sony’s popular SRS-XP line is getting an overhaul too. These aren’t what I’d consider “portable,” but they’re still Bluetooth speakers with a built-in battery you can technically take anywhere, even if they are huge. That said, you get tons of sound out of these towers.

The biggest change to this lineup is the new design and fast charging. Sony is using the same square-shaped X-Balanced speakers from its popular high-end Bravia TVs, which claim to reduce distortion and enhance the mid-range frequencies. Plus, a square design allows for slightly more space vs a rounded speaker.

On the back, there are two microphone inputs for karaoke use. Alternatively, you can use one of the inputs for a guitar with adjustable gain. There are also two USB ports for charging other devices, which is nice. And like smaller Sony speakers, you can pair two together for stereo sound. In fact, you can pair up to 100 together to all play the same thing at once.

More importantly, the XP500 offers 20 hours of playback and the XP700 up to 25 hours. Thanks to quick-charging, you can get anywhere from 80-minutes to 3 hours of playback in just 10 minutes of charging.

Both models arrive in June. The Sony XP500 will be priced at $349.99, while the Sony XP700 will be priced at $449.99.

Sony SRS-XG500

Sony SRS-XG500

Last but not least is the Sony Sony SRS-XG500. This features a more traditional boombox design, boombox handle, built-in LED lights for good vibes, all while getting improved sound and the same fast-charging technology.

This model also utilizes the new X-balanced drivers, which should make it sound even better. You’re still getting USB and a single mic/guitar input on the back, not to mention an IP66 water-resistance rating. It might not be super rugged, but Sony added a new water-repellent mesh around the entire speaker to help with splashes and keep those LED lights safe.

You’ll get an even better 30 hours of battery life here, and again, Sony says just 10 minutes on the charger will deliver nearly 3 hours of playback so the party never has to stop. Grab one this June for $449.

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