New Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect Is Like a Raspberry Pi Pico on Steroids


Why didn’t the Raspberry Pi foundation add wireless connectivity to its Pico microcontroller? Well, maybe the foundation wanted to leave room for Arduino’s new Nano RP2040 Connect, a Pico-like microcontroller geared toward IoT projects and the first Arduino product to run on Raspberry Pi silicon.

At its core, the Nano RP2040 Connect isn’t all that different from the Pi Pico. Both microcontrollers run on Raspberry Pi silicon, feature 264KB of SRAM, and offer 16MB of off-chip flash memory. Plus, the Nano RP2040 Connect is compatible with the full RP2040 software ecosystem, so you can easily integrate it in your RP2040 project or use it to replace a Pi Pico board.

But that’s where the similarities end. For one, the Nano RP2040 Connect supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Low-Energy (v4.2), which opens the door to smart home projects and remote control over your board. There’s also a built-in microphone for sound or voice activation, an RGB LED, an a six-axis motion sensor with machine learning capabilities. To top it all off, the Nano RP2040 Connect has a ton of GPIO pins—22 digital, 8 analog, and 20 with PWM.

And because its an Arduino board, the Nano RP2040 Connect supports the Arduino Core and works with sketches made for other Arduino products. The board also comes with a free OpenMV license for any machine vision projects on your calendar.

You can order the Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect now for $26 on Arduino’s webstore. Supplies are limited, so if you’re interested, order your Nano RP2040 Connect now.

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