Netflix Will Narc on Your Kid’s Watch History with Bi-Weekly Emails


This week Netflix announced two new features that highlight its children’s programming. For one, subscribers will see a new top 10 list on kids and family profiles that ranks the most popular shows and movies for children. Then, Netflix will tattletale on your kids and send bi-weekly emails that detail what each profile is watching.

These biweekly emails will begin on July 16th, and of course, can be opt-out of if you’re not interested. That said, in addition to sharing what your kids are watching lately, the emails will also provide tips on parental controls and recommendations on what your kids might like to watch next.

While we like the idea of email breakdowns on watching habits, the top 10 list for kids is what you’ll really enjoy. Netflix says the top 10 list will be updated daily and change based on its 208 million customers watching habits across 93 countries around the globe. Subscribers will see this new popular list on each child’s homepage or in the ‘New & Popular’ section.

These changes come as Netflix continues to see stiff competition as of late from the likes of Paramount+ and HBO Max. As those services offer child content including Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Either way, it’s good to see Netflix expand the top 10 from adult profiles to child profiles, not to mention give parents better access to information and data to help find shows for kids.

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