Nearly All of Adobe’s Design and Photo Tools are Now M1 Mac-Native Versions


Adobe has announced that it is now launching Mac-native versions of Lightroom Classic, Illustrator, and InDesign. Now virtually all of Adobe’s design and photo tools have been updated for the M1 SoC with the exception of Character Animator, which still runs through Rosetta.

The software giant already rolled out Apple silicon support for some of its other programs, like Audition and Photoshop. Now, anyone using Illustrator, Lightroom Classic, or InDesign on Apple silicon Macs can count on increased performance by up to 80 percent in comparison with an older equivalent Intel-based Mac.

Adobe stated that, according to a recent third-party benchmarking report it commissioned, “most operations in Lightroom Classic on an M1 Mac” like launching or exporting will now be “about twice as fast” compared to equivalent Intel Mac models.

Additionally, Adobe added a new Super Resolution image-enhancing feature, which it says is “more than three times as fast. The benchmarking tests were run on 13-inch MacBook Pros, one with an Intel Core i5 processor, and one with the new M1 chip. Both had 16GB of RAM and were connected to an Apple Pro Display XDR.

Adobe also threw in a few other updates to Lightroom. Now users will be able to specify custom aspect ratios when cropping, and mess around with a new collection of premium presets created by professional photographers. The set offers up portrait presets for varying skin tones along with more general options like “futuristic” or “cinematic.” 

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