Mozilla launches Firefox VPN Beta for US users

Mozilla launches Firefox VPN Beta for US users with free and subscription options. 

As part of growing Mozilla products focused on privacy, it has launched a VPN service today. As per Mozilla, the Firefox Private Network VPN, help you control how your data is shared with your network.


Mozilla’s VPN is offered in a basic (and free) browser extension version. Here the users will use the extension for a VPN enabled safe browsing. This option is available immediately and can be joined by US Users.

The paid subscription-based services cost $4.99 a month. In these options the protection is provided for the whole device. You will have to join a waitlist for this paid subscription service. 

Mozilla launches Firefox VPN Beta for US users
Firefox Private Network


The Firefox Private Network VPN (Paid) has servers from over 30+ countries. It can be connected to any location from anywhere. You can use this VPN to connect up to 5 devices at any time. Apparently, you can download, stream, do gaming without any bandwidth restrictions. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee as per the company blog post.

Currently, it only supports the following list of devices.

The support for Mac and Linux devices will be available soon.

Apart from the main focus on Privacy in VPNs, the other aspect which makes a VPN successful is the speed. Hopefully, Firefox Private Network VPN takes care of it during its launch and also provides access to region-specific content/streaming services from anywhere. You can register for the waitlist.

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