Motorola Wants to Truly Remove Wires out of Wireless Charging

New Partnership

Motorola says it will team up with Guru Wireless to truly go no wires in wireless charging. Guru Wireless refers to its technology as OTA (over the air) wireless. You still have to plug a device in somewhere, whether that’s on a desk, in the ceiling, or in a corner. But that device beams energy to your phone without messing around with a puck or a stand.

Motorola isn’t the first company to have thought of over-the-air charging of devices as Xiaomi showcased this technology in a concept video in which a phone was shown to be charging wirelessly in a room.

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You can leave your device anywhere “in range,” and it will charge, may even in your pocket. This is truly fascinating as If you’ve ever left a phone to charge on a wireless charging stand or puck only to find out it didn’t charge at all because you just missed the charging coils.

Motorola Wants to Truly Remove Wires out of Wireless Charging
Guru Wireless

Is it Efficient ?

Remote OTA charging is something several companies have promised, but we haven’t seen it at speeds and an affordable price that sounds plausible for consumers—yet.

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Currently, we don’t have one for Motorola phones with OTA charging either. There has been no official word from Motorola regarding the use of over-the-air charging technology in its future devices. It is still early for the tech to move from concept to being adopted for consumer devices.

This OTA charging, much like standard wireless charging, is inefficient. You’ll use more electricity than will actually go into the smartphone. Still, it’ll be interesting to see if the two companies can be the first to make the promise of real wireless charging feasible.

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