Microsoft to release new apps view for hybrid work

Microsoft Front Row Source: Microsoft

As the COVID-19 pandemic draws to a close, Microsoft intends to follow through on its plan for an easier layout to connect remote users to participants in office attending the same meetings. This new layout, called Front Row, places the meeting video galley at the bottom of the screen, so in-office attendees can view their colleagues face-to-face in a horizontal fashion, just as if they were all in the same room together.

Moreover, all participants, both remote and in-office, will have access to the same view and use of Microsoft Fluid components in real time, such as agenda, notes tasks and similar aspects of a . This allows all participants to both communicate and contribute to a meeting without any obstacles due to distance.

These updates also apply to the renowned Microsoft Teams application. New video layouts for Teams Rooms will now employ larger monitors and screens usually used in meeting rooms, providing all users an ample and clear view of one another during meetings. Similarly, Surface Hub will add a new meeting canvas with chat bubbles, live reactions and more Teams features later this month for Surface Hub users.

Furthermore, this summer, Microsoft will also add a new Whiteboard design.

Microsoft to release new apps view for hybrid work
Microsoft Front Row Source: Microsoft

PowerPoint Live helps Microsoft Teams users present remotely

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