Microsoft Teams working on Together Mode to reduce fatigue in video calls

Microsoft Teams working on Together Mode, It makes life easier to attend video calls during this pandemic.

Microsoft Teams, the video conferencing service, is getting a brand-new feature called Together mode. This new video calling features will upgrade the experience in teams as people are still working from home due to the pandemic.

As per the company, this feature has been implemented to scale back the fatigue that participants experience during a video call due to having to stare at the screen with participants that have different backgrounds, Microsoft shared some research data showing that Together mode reduces fatigue by placing all the participants within the same background, making it appear as if they’re beat an equivalent room.

What is it?

Together mode can help the participants of a video call feel more connected and reduce the fatigue they feel during the decision, which is a problem dealt by a large number of users as indicated by Microsoft’s research.

AI segmentation technology is used to put participants during a shared background like an auditorium. This reduces background distractions and is particularly helpful for brainstorms and round table discussions as multiple people are going to be speaking. Together mode also makes it easier to choose non-verbal cues making the conversation feel more natural. This mode also can solve the attention contact problem that creates people appear as if they’re looking during a different direction.

Microsoft Teams working on Together Mode to Reduce Fatigue During Video Calls
Together Mode

When to use it and when not to?

As per the company’s blog, it can be used effectively in certain situations only.

  • Together mode is especially well-suited to calls in which multiple people will speak; we find that it’s easier and more comfortable for people to find moments to enter a conversation.
  • This feature helps when you must go to a lot of video meetings. Most users report less meeting fatigue.
  • It is helpful when a group might have trouble staying attentive, for instance in education settings.
  • This supports presenters who need to “read the room” or get energy from attendees.

Together mode isn’t optimized to share the screen with PowerPoint presentations. Certainly, if a PowerPoint presentation is the main event and will take up the entire time of a meeting, Together mode might not be helpful.

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