Microsoft Announces the Xbox Mini … Fridge


Those who were patient enough to watch Microsoft’s E3 2021 showcase sat in shock as the company began to reveal a new product. Action scenes from video games flashed on-screen, along with the tagline “a new system that leaves others cold.” No, it isn’t the Xbox streaming stick; it’s the Xbox Mini Fridge.

Microsoft promised to build an Xbox Mini Fridge after narrowly beating Skittles in a Twitter popularity contest (I’m not kidding). Evidently, the company was inspired by fans who compared the Xbox Series X to a fridge after its 2019 debut. Microsoft has regularly joked about Xbox fridges on Twitter, and even posted an image comparing the Xbox Series X to a full-sized fridge in 2020.

While we don’t know much about the Xbox Mini Fridge, it’s clearly modeled after the Xbox Series X and appears to feature an Xbox-green interior. It’s also topped by a green and black mesh, much like the Series X console. (Microsoft could hire an OEM to design and manufacture the fridge, so there’s no telling what it will actually look like in person.)

Microsoft says that the Xbox Mini Fridge will launch this holiday season, just in time for Christmas. You may want to keep your eyes out for it, though, as it may be a limited-edition item (and we’re in the middle of an appliance shortage, which doesn’t help).

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